Teaching Values They Will Keep!

Here’s a key area we need to make sure that we work with our children … and we start early. We need to teach them good values EARLY. And I gave a couple examples up here of organizations that teach good values … You may know of several others that are even better.

You’ve got the Boy Scouts. If you’re a girl, you’ve got the Girl Scouts. There’s also got the Indian Guides … They teach nice values too. I didn’t do the Boy Scouts … but I did the Indian Guides. They give you Indian names … so that’s kind of a fun thing. I was “Running Bear” … “who runs swift and through forest.” My dad was “Sleeping Bear” .. “who sleeps through entire Indian Guides meetings!” LOL 🙂 But it was a fun thing … and me and my dad got to do it together. made little canoes and drums out of birch wood and fun things like that. And I got to wear my little Indian guide outfit and it was fun.

We did that for a couple of years and it was just a fun little thing to do. But I like these organizations because they they teach good solid VALUES, KINDNESS, RESPECT and HONOR. Solid Values … that will put kids on the Right Path for Life. So this is a good way to lock things in so that you can teach them good values, but YOU’RE not teaching it to them. So they have values that you want them to get. AND There is ZERO Resistance to the Values being installed. NICE! Sometimes there are certain things that are better/easier coming from outside sources. It will supplement and validate what YOUR doing. That’s perfect! This is similar to why you want your kids in sports. There’s certain things that sports analogies teach them, but also things that the coach will tell him, and the teammates will tell him, and the experience will tell him that matches up with YOUR life lessons that you’re trying to teach them and will SUPPORT you as a parent.

Think of these groups as part of your “Outside Team” to help you raise your child in a positive way … versus some of the negative ways that work against you .. like television and negative peers. So what are some of the good values that we need to teach them? Honesty is obviously a key one. If you can’t be honest … People won’t respect you, they won’t trust you, they won’t like you. So it’s not that you want them to be honest exclusively because it’s a religious or ethical thing .. or just because you’re worried about them lying to you. You want them to be Honest so they can be accepted in life

2) Problem Solving: We talk quite a bit about that, not just being able to solve problems, but critical thinking, also ethical thinking, as you are solving problems.

3) Trust 4) Hard Work 5) Humor 6) Commitment. These are all things that make for a strong individual … especially TRUST. “You succeed in life in direct proportion to how many people know you, like you and TRUST you.” So likability and TRUST are the 2 biggest things.

4) Hard Work: Hard work is a Multiplier of SKILL. Don’t teach them that hard work is the best thing in the whole world. Teach them thatit’s important to work hard with a GOOD plan and SKILL. Hard work helps “Prime The Pump” It’s important to work hard … so that later you don’t have to work hard. Hard work is something that you also want to ultimately get away from. You do hard work to “Prime the Pump” …. then you want to work SMART not hard. So teach them the Transition in these things as well.

5) Humor: This is one Value people often forget. You your child to be able to laugh things off … to take things with good humor … to use humor as a stress reduction technique …. to just enjoy life. You know the Buddhist love humor. They think life is about change, paradox and HUMOR. So humor is one of the major components of life. It’s not just about thinking things are funny and laughing … it’s so much more than that. It’s about having a sense of humor in life.

6) Commitment: Working on something, staying with something, not quitting.

7) Finances: We talked about earlier, how important it is.

8) Mental Toughness: This is why you want your children to have some challenges.

This is an area that I ran into problems with. My parents were very good to me. My parents didn’t make me work when I was a young kid from like 0 -13 years old. I would say until I turned 13 .. I never had to do much of anything. I got my allowance and I think I took the rubbish out once a week. I was done like 15 minutes. Boom. No hard labor. Now my cousins … They had to work in the meat store as they grew up. They already HAD their store. We didn’t get our store until I was 13 …. and that’s when I learned mental toughness.

My Cousins were there working 40-50 hour a week since they were old enough to hold a meat cleaver or wait on a customer or wrap a piece of fish. They were almost like my dad on the farm … they learned mental toughness … I had none. I was not strong. I couldn’t handle anything. If somebody gave me so much as a dirty look I would feel emotional wounded. I was Weak. Fortunately, I learned mental toughness 2 ways. Later, we got the store and I learned to work hard and work long and to work with difficult customers and those types of things.